Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new year with old problems

I woke up this morning with the intentions of setting the year right. I would tackle a mountain of laundry in preparation of my maiden voyage back to the gym tomorrow.  Post laundry I would spend the remainder of the day cleaning sprucing, washing my hair, bathing the dog etc-It was to be a productive Sunday, I tell you what!

As I walked to my car about a block and a half away, I felt the tug of worry - last fall my motorcycle had been vandalized on this very block, the 3rd time in this area since I bought her.  
Additionally, some irate driver had put a note on my car prior to the last attack warning me about using my bike to block spaces.

As I neared my car, I tried to shake off these concerns: then I noticed the broken glass on the ground.  No way, I thought, I must have parked in broken glass last night.  Then I looked toward my drivers window - it was no longer there.  Someone had broken into my car, a mere 1 and a half blocks from where I sleep and eat and live someone had violated me again - only this time it was not my motorcycle it was my car.  Different vehicle, same feeling.

As my hands went numb, I remembered all those cars I had seen parked along Glenwood Avenue with broken windows and how I had felt sorry for the car owners.  Now it was my turn.
I walked home to retrieve my mobile phone and call the police, I filed a report, called my insurance and blessedly found someone to take my car same day.  My car is safely at the repair shop and I feel far from it.  

What has happened to Rogers Park?  More and more I see neighbors that don't speak to one another, broken windows and dented bumpers.  Loud and rude children, obscene adults and it breaks my heart.  RP was my refuge - now I am at a loss.

After reading the attack of the bar staff from The Glenwood, I count myself lucky - however, I feel a huge sympathy towards the victims.  My condolences go out to them.

What can we do to help our neighborhood? 
My initial reactions are to move far far away.